So Frenchy So Chic Festival 2018

We had so much joie de vivre at So Frenchy so Chic this year. I took the whole family along with my parents and we had an amazing time.
Having a broken toe meant I had hobble around in flat shoes but we were lucky enough to score a carpark right at the front of the paddock. This year I decided to take nothing with me except a chair, picnic blanket and the nappy bag. 

Every year I seem to pack the whole kitchen sink but not this year. I realised there is just no need, when you can pre-order your picnic hampers and cheese hampers and visit the pop up bars along with the free water truck. The best feeling is when its time to leave there is nothing to carry back to the car other than the pram and kids. 

The music was amazing as usual although the stand out for the day was most definitely L.E.J although I am probably a little biased as I’ve always loved these girls and their sound. They also have a great presence on the stage, as do all the performers, in fact! 

This year I was more involved in the kids activities on the day as Roo is at an age where he wants to participate now, which meant the Captain and I spent time lining up for balloons and giant bubbles as well as attending the other (many!) activities for kids. Mum even managed to take some photos for us, an added bonus and we even have our heads in all the shots. 

The only stress of the day was in the morning trying to find an adequate nursing friendly outfit that still fitted and a pair of shoes comfortable for my broken toe. 

I’m looking forward to so much more summer fun and joie de vivre, so if you know of any more events that are family friendly, I would love to know about it!