Romancing the Skull - The top 4 reasons to visit again

This fab exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ballarat finishes this Sunday. If you’re a silly sausage and haven’t been, make sure you read the original “why go” post here.

4 Reasons why you need to visit AGAIN.

1: Discover something new

Well, duh! Each time you visit you notice something different that has you scratching your head “Why didn’t I notice this last time?” Every. Single. Time!

2. You won't get given nice things if you don’t use them

Yeah, yeah, so your Mum told you. But it’s true. If you want to see more investment in arts and culture, you need to show you value it by turning up. Twice. 

3. Support local artists

There are many Australian as well as dinky-die local artists whose works are included in the exhibition. Don’t know which they are? Well, hassle one of the volunteers or even the curator herself (sorry Julie!) and find out.

4. Something for everyone (with aircon)

Yes, its the last week of school holidays and every parent is wondering what they can do to entertain the kids. The exhibition is for everyone, with plenty of activities to entertain the young (and young at heart) from decorating your own skull mask or getting involved in one of the workshops.


In case you missed it, see my original list here.

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