Dancing With Death Dinner

A few weeks ago I was invited to Dancing with Death, an intimate dinner at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. The dinner was hosted by Julie McLaren the curator of the current exhibition Romancing the Skull.
(Read my post on this MUST DO event here).

On arrival we were surprised to find the cafe had been transformed into a dark and beautiful room, draped with black velvet curtains and adorned with candles, flowers and skulls. Sara of Kittleys served up traditional Mexican food so delicious it had me wishing it were on the permanent menu. We finished with chilli chocolate ice-cream, WOW!

The intimate dinner allowed time to discuss the exhibition, our contemplations of the skull, mortality and death. Not in a spooky or dramatic way, but in a sensitive, open and sometimes humorous manner. The skull as an icon brings up many topics for discussion, which of course is the purpose of the exhibition, to explore these topics in an open and meaningful way. 

Following on from the dinner we were given a private tour of the exhibition and had the opportunity to wander the gallery while it was empty. Aside from feeling like it could turn into A Night At The Museum I had the chance to linger and decide which artworks were my favourite.

You can read my little review of some of my favourite works here.

The exhibitions ends 28th January. 

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