The Post Baby Update

So things have been a little crazy. Baby Marci arrived just over a month ago so we are still in the newborn bubble of eat-feed-sleep-repeat, so instead of organising all of my scheduled blog posts I have let things slide for the time being.

I can’t believe how much baby stuff I had forgotten since the first time. Things have been going well although we still have the odd day of chaos. Why is it that Marci is unsettled and Roo decides to have epic tantrums on the days the Captain is away? Thursday this week was our crazy day, with little sleep, there were plenty of tears from all three of us!! Thankfully the Captain is home again and all is well (tired but well!) with the world. Now to catch up on the overflow of dishes, laundry and general housework for the week!

Did you know that the time you spend sitting feeding a newborn is equivalent to full time job?! It certainly feels like it at the moment too. No wonder I am getting nothing done! Well that is not entirely true – I have finally managed to watch the full series of The Good Wife. I am so sad about it finishing although I am still in annoyed about how it ended. 

So, with all of my hours spent sitting on the couch – what next? I need a new series that I can binge watch. Please send me your recommendations. Thanks in advance!


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