Lunch with Luv-a-Duck

Today I had the pleasure of having lunch at Craig’s Royal Hotel thanks to an invite from the lovely team at Luv-a-Duck in conjunction with 3AW radio. The lunch was promoting ‘Luv-a-Duck month’ and featured beautifully cooked duck expertly prepared by Craig’s head chef Shannon Easton along with renowned chef Ian Curley

Lunch was served in the Grand Dining Room which interior boasts beautiful wall tapestries and stunning chandeliers. We dined alongside Denis Walters as he broadcast his live afternoon program from the dining room. 

I was seated with my sister Finding Femme and Lucy Coxall from Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine.This provided a great opportunity to catch up as well as talk about our love of food, duck, and sharing in discussion with the other members of our table around who cooks duck, the best way to prepare roast potatoes using duck fat and exchanging recipes. Personally I am not big cook and prefer to visit the like of Craig’s for a beautifully prepared and well-cooked duck. 

However when my family does a roast, it is usually my sister who cooks and I am not going to lie, I love that she was picking up lots of ideas about new and creative ways to prepare food. Admittedly, her cooking skills are already pretty good and her roast potatoes are on par with what was served today so hopefully she is now motivated to make them more often! 

The afternoon ended with the staff sending me home with left over desserts to share with my in-laws who kindly babysat Roo for the afternoon while the Captain is away with work. 

If you are interested in the secrets of how to make the most amazing roast potatoes or other tips on cooking with duck, then you definitely need to attend some of the Luv-a-Duck events. The events are free (yes, FREE!) and hosted by Craig’s head chef Shannon Easton and guest Ian Curley who will demonstrate some great cooking methods for you (oh and you will also be served canapés and a glass of wine!!). You don’t need to register but you do need to arrive early as places are limited! Details about the events are HERE. 3AW’s program A Movable Feast will also be following up with discussions about cooking duck after the demonstration. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Lunch courtesy of Luv-a-Duck and 3aw
Chef: Shannon Easton and Ian Curley
Location: Craigs Royal Hotel, Ballarat
Photos: Finding Femme

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