Goodbye Vegas and Rose

Recently one of the cafes that I frequent closed. I was sad because the café is a short walk from my house, offered my favourite chai tea, the yummiest rose water donuts and the loveliest service from Pen, the owner.

At first I thought the closure was short term, the Captain and I had seen a sign on the door stating it was closed until further notice. Many mornings passed with us walking via the café, bleary-eyed, pushing bubba in the pram at some ungodly hour of the morning, optimistically hoping that we would find it open again to serve us an early breakfast. 

I had taken a break from social media and had missed the announcement that the café was closing permanently until my sister informed me. Pen, the owner, had decided that after a number of years she would now spend more time with family and other projects. Whilst this is fabulous for her, and I wish her the best, I was sad, because, well, I don’t like change. Not to mention saying goodbye to a place you love is almost like losing an old friend. 

There are couple of cafes that I visit regularly in both Ballarat and Bendigo. I am one of those people who usually orders the same thing and probably sits at the same table each time. When we came back from our holiday overseas last year I remarked to the Captain how you really feel like you’re home when you’re back sitting in your local café, feeling welcomed by the same smiling staff and drinking tea made just the way you like it. Why do we become attached to some places and not others? 

Maybe it’s the consistent perfectly brewed tea at each visit or the look of the perfectly decorated rose donuts. Maybe it’s the knowing smile you get from the owner when you walk in at 7:30am half asleep with a baby who has been up all night. I am not sure what the secret is, but some cafes just become your home. 

A friend later informed me that the staff that had worked at the old café would be reopening as a new business. Since it’s opening I have visited a few times. I still see the same happy faces, my favourite breakfast item is still on the menu PLUS they have added waffles! The tea has changed but I haven’t tried it so I can’t report on that, and there is also no sign of my rose water donuts yet. Oh, but did I mention the waffles? Waffles, waffles, waffles. Seriously, eat the waffles.

Does it feel like my old local café? Honestly, no, not just yet. I am still getting used to the new vibe, BUT I think I am only a couple of serves of waffles away. Hello my new friend, nice to meet you.


Goldfields Girl
Cape: Forever New
Jumper: Suzanne Grae
Jeans: H&M
Boots: Jo Mercer
Bag: Colette
Sunglasses: Forever New
Earrings: Bulgari

Roo wears:
Blue Knit Cardi: Pure Baby
Grey Knit Pants: Big W

Location: Vegas & Rose Cafe
Photos: Finding Femme

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