Lakeside Pop-Up Dinner

A few weeks ago my sister, Finding Femme, and I did a pop-up dinner on the lake. My sister ordered take away bagels, whilst our friend Liv (from Lyn & I) brought the Sticky Date Pudding. Each guest was instructed to bring a few items in the back of their car eg, some chairs, candles, food or some drinks.

We all turned up at the meeting point and carried our items out onto the jetty to set up our table. We sat and ate out on the water, enjoying good company and a beautiful sunset. Then as quickly as we arrived we gathered out belongings and left again, leaving the swans and fisherman to enjoy the peace and quiet in our absence.

In the evenings there are so many stunning spots to enjoy sunset and the lake is defiantly a popular spot. The jetty beside us had groups of young people with fish and chips and another further down had a family picnic. On a warm night the jetty’s are very popular so if you plan on trying to do something similar get there early to reserve a spot!

Are there any spontaneous fun things you like to do around town with your friends? Or do you have a great location we may not know about? If you do, please comment below as I would love to hear your ideas! We are hoping to enjoy some more lovely afternoons and evenings while the weather is still mild.

Location: Wendouree Lake
Photos: Finding Femme and me!

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