Last Summer

Firstly I should thank everyone that sent me messages and comments with links to pleated skirts after my recent post (here) about my hunt for a light coloured skirt. Although I have still not found the pleated skirt that meets my strict criteria I was excited and ever so grateful that you all assisted me in what is an ongoing search! With your continued help I am sure it won’t be long until I have found it! In other news Finding Femme and I’s favourite shoes are back in stock - thank goodness that search is over! Read all about that saga here.

We have been so busy lately that I have no recent photos to blog so here are some throwback shots from last summer when we went away. Roo would have been about two or three months old and I would have been enjoying some fun with my sister while he was having his bedtime routine with the Captain. How time flies!

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here. I’m feeling so disorganised because we have been away so much. Last week we travelled around Echuca and Swan Hill and while it was nice to spend time with the Captain and have the chance to do some Christmas shopping that supports small rural businesses, it also meant getting behind on things at home.

I still haven’t made our Christmas pudding even though my Grandpa keeps reminding me. He and I have made the pudding together since my Nan died a few years ago after she taught me how to make it. We usually mix up the dry ingredients early so the whole family gets to stir the mixture (our little tradition) and then we mix everything else together and boil the pudding for 6 hours. It then hangs in a cloth for a few weeks before getting boiled again on Christmas day.

I fear this year it’s too late to make the pudding and so for the first Christmas ever, there will be no pudding. I am not entirely sure how long the pudding is supposed to hang, so if there are any experts out there who think it’s not too late to make, let me know and I might still attempt to make it. That is if I can find some suet (usually my the first obstacle for the pudding).

Any other tips on getting a great pudding would be appreciated. We use the same recipe but the pudding always tastes slightly different each year. Last years pudding was not as nice as the year before. We usually just pour in a random amount of brandy depending on how much is left in Pa’s bottle, and I always struggle to make out Nan’s handwriting for the ounces of mixed spice so that varies each year depending on what I think it says (yes, I really should just write it down). I often make small alterations to the amount of peel or cherries that get added depending on who is in the kitchen at the time. Usually there is someone over my shoulder telling me to put in less peel and more cherries or vice-versa. Who knows, perhaps it’s the weather conditions or the length of time the pudding hangs that changes the taste. Clearly, I am in need of some advice in the pudding department!

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