Christmas Cocktails

A few weeks ago I hosted a cocktail party for some local friends of ours in business. They all run their own business and we thought it might be nice to introduce them to one another as well as check out each others products for the Christmas season, wind down with some drinks and talk (or not talk) about work.

I am so excited about Christmas as I feel a little more organised now, thanks to the these awesome ladies who shared some of their amazing products with everyone.
A gift from Lyn and I, featuring illustrated gift tags and surrounded by cookies from Pretty Special Cakes

More of the stunning cookies bPretty Special Cakes

Mel from Local Pantry Co brought along some beautiful teas and cordial, which FindingFemme made into yummy cocktails for us all. 

We had a great afternoon sipping drinks and eating snacks provided by Local Pantry Co. The Local Pantry Co sells all your favourite Australia food products online, the same products that might normally require a trip to the markets or a specialty store to purchase. Now you can order whatever you need and have it delivered to your door, or in this case, have Mel bring them along with her to share!

Mel of Local Pantry Co, Michelle of Bok Bok B’Gerk and Goldfields Girl

We also had the yummiest cake and cookies from Pretty Special Cakes. As you know I have been a nig fan of JB from Pretty Special Cakes since she made The Captains amazing Birthday cake (read about it here). She bought along a yummy cake to share as well as the most stunning cookies I have ever seen to hang on my tree. She was also bought along gift baskets filled with cookies for everyone to take home. The problem with JB’s cookies is that they are just too damn pretty to eat. That is until you taste just one, then to hell with them looking pretty, you just want to eat the whole damn lot in one sitting!

Honey stars, double chocolate biscuits and nougat c/o Local Pantry Co

The yummiest plum pudding and ginger bread nougat from Local Pantry Co

We also shared in breaking the coolest bon-bons, filled with brooches and earrings from Bok Bok B’Gerk. Finally a decent bon-bon, I hate it when I spend money to buy the prettiest bon-bons only to have them filled with junky items. My bon-bon had a soldier in it and I have been wearing it since our party. It’s the best accessory! You can also get pretty earrings like the ones Finding Femme was wearing.

Olivia from Lyn and I, brought some pretty little gifts with stunning illustrations and gift tags. Olivia is a graphic designer and illustrator (who also runs Ballarat Web Design). Her business Lyn and I, showcases her amazing illustrations as prints, cards and gift tags with 5% of the profits going toward women’s health and wellbeing. If you haven’t got your cards or gift tags sorted you can download them directly from her website! Olivia bought along one of her stunning illustrations, which started the day under the tree and finished up on our mantle! 

Olivia with a cookie from Pretty Special Cakes that happened to match the Gingerbread man brooch found in her bon-bon from Bok Bok B’Gerk 

One of the bon-bons from Bok Bok B’Gerk

Goldfields Girl wearing a brooch found in her bon-bon by Bok Bok B’Gerk

Goldfields Girl decorating a Christmas tree with edible cookie ornaments made by Pretty Special CakesLyn and I gifts sit below the tree

The beautiful hand painted cookies by Pretty Special Cakes hanging on the Christmas tree

Gifts from Lyn and I sitting below the tree, featuring their stunning gift tags

Liana of FindingFemme and JB of Pretty Special Cakes with their cocktails from Local Pantry Co and Brooches by Bok Bok B’Gerk

Honey star biscuits c/o Local Pantry Co

The squad with brooches and beverages

Local Pantry Co hampers sit below the tree as FindingFemme decorates

The tree with some of the Local Pantry Co hampers and an illustration from Lyn and I

The B&W Chic illustration by Lyn and I moved to it's new home on my mantle

Roo woke from his nap in time to join some of the festivities with FindingFemme

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