The Lip Lab - Ballarat

So last night all my dreams came true! I had the opportunity to design my own signature lipstick. How many countless hours have I spent in search of the perfect lipstick to match an outfit? I can gladly say my searching days are over thanks to the opening of The Lip Lab Ballarat.

I have been wearing lipstick since I was 13. I am not ashamed to admit this nor am I ashamed to admit to having a very large makeup collection and most of my collection is lipstick. When I go on holiday I pack not only a makeup bag but also lipstick bag. This has been my life since I remember. 

As a little girl I remember sitting on the bed in my grandmothers bedroom watching as she sat at her dressing table carefully applying her lipstick. Later as a teen she gave me tips on application, assisting me to apply my own lipstick. In the last few months of her life before her cancer took her, it was I who delicately applied her lipstick for her.

Lipstick for me is something important and personal. It is my self expression of who I want to be each day. It is my chance to be creative every morning as I decided which colour goes with what. As a new mum lipstick has become even more important to me as most days I get about in PJ’s, trackies or jeans. My hair might be unwashed for days and I may have only had a few hours sleep but with one splash of colour on my lips, I feel I am ready to face the day. 

Last night all of my lipstick dreams came true when my sister and I attended the launch of The Lip Lab Ballarat and I had the opportunity to have my own signature lipstick made. To say I am obsessed would be an understatement. As soon as I sat down with the talented Andrea I froze. With unlimited options before me I suddenly clammed up – do I want pink or do I want red or do I want coral? Do I want cream gloss? Do I want SPF? Do I want shimmer? Do I want flavour? YES, YES, YES!!

I happily ended up with my own lipstick that I named Goldfields Rose (so original!). I plan to be back very soon for more lipstick or even to try out their other great range of services (makeup, tanning and waxing to name a few). Considering spring racing reason is now happening I suspect the store is about to get very busy. If you have been searching for that perfect lip colour to match your outfit – this is the answer to your prayers!!

For even more pictures about this great night you can read the blogpost by FindingFemme here.
See you and your lovely lips soon!  XX

Leather Stud Jacket: Zara
White Tee: Kmart
Denim Jeans: H&M
Bag: Michael Kors
Location: The Lip Lab Ballarat
Photos: FindingFemme

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