No Laughing Matter

Here are some photos from when I was nearing the end of my pregnancy last year. It was not long after this that I was quite ill and ended up spending some time in hospital. 

At the same time as being ill, we were in the middle of a kitchen renovation and I had a to-do list that seemed unending. Although I was discharged from hospital after a few days, I still spent a number of painful weeks recovering. I was in the most pain I had ever felt and I was unable to do anything. When I say that I was unable to do anything I really mean not a single little thing. Just breathing had been absolute agony. Talking, coughing and laughing were all painful events I had to avoid. I couldn’t move, not even to turn over in bed.

It was difficult not be depressed at the time as normally friends and colleagues would try and cheer me up but talking and laughing were agony so I had to try and avoid these things. I remember distinctly taking a phone call from a work colleague who is probably the funniest person I know and having to answer the call by first telling her under no circumstances could she make me laugh.  Imagine that, being in agony and needing cheering up but having to tell people not to be funny! 

To this day I am sure that the worst possible torture would be the inability to laugh. People who have the ability to make others laugh have one of the most special gifts in the world. My work colleague had this gift, and I am sure her having me in stitches everyday of my pregnancy is the reason I have such a cheerful, jolly baby.  

Laughter is something that helps melt away barriers and prejudice and forget our quarrels and sooth a tired soul. I am someone who is (extremely) prone to stressing out and getting the grumps. Making me laugh is usually a sure way to dissolve any trace of a grumpy-bum (that and a bear hug, or just my sister telling me to pull my head in!!).

This week I have definitely needed a laugh. In fact the last fortnight things have not gone as planned for me and then yesterday I had some news that didn’t go my way either. I have also had a sick little boy which has meant that I have not been getting out and about as I usually do, seeking laugh therapy from my hilarious bunch of friends. To lift my mood today I purchased a new CD (Yes a CD, old school I know!!) that was recommended to me by my friend Stu (he has a great blog, check it our here).

Anyhow it’s the new album by the Monkeys – I freaking love the Monkeys and had no idea that they had released a new album (which includes a few old songs too).  Anyway Roo and I have been bopping along to the music in the car all day. I may not have had the chance to have a good laugh this week but this music sure puts a great big smile on my dial!!

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