Stolen Goods

Last week I had my car broken into. Actually – that is not entirely true, I had left my car unlocked and the offender simply helped themselves to the contents of my car.

The annoying fact in all of this is that I am always very consistent when it comes to locking things. The Captain complains that I always lock the back door as soon as we get home and every time he wants to go outside he has to unlock the door. I often lock him outside without realising he has just stepped out to put the rubbish in the bin or get some firewood. I am the same when it comes to locking my car door. I lock it as soon as I get out and even lock it between taking groceries inside. I’m the kind of person who will walk away and then press the remote lock another 20 times in fear that it didn’t work. My locking habits annoy the Captain immensely.

Last week the Captain decided to leave our back gate open as well as our garage doors open (not sure why!!) and then checked that he had locked his own car (which he never locks!!) He then decided NOT to check if my car was locked assuming that I ALWAYS lock my car. 

However on this particular evening I had forgotten to lock my car. In the morning the Captain asked me why I had left my car door open. Before I was able to give him a confused response we both realized that what had occurred. I felt sick in the stomach. We went outside and checked it the car. The coin tray in my console had been stolen. They had gone through the glove box and but decided to leave my cd’s behind (I guess they were not into N’SYNC of ABC Nursery Rhymes). I then suddenly realized that I had left my nappy bag in the car also. Clearly I am an idiot for leaving a designer bag in the car overnight ,but seriously, who can bothered carrying a nappy bag, handbag, baby, every time you get out of the car??!! Anyhow I peeked into the boot and OMG, would you believe the bag was still there! What a freaking relief.  

I spent the rest of the morning on the phone to my girlfriend getting advice on the best way to clean/cleanse my car. I know I was probably being over the top but I just couldn’t get over the thought of some persons slimy hands touching everything in my car. My girlfriend decided a heavy spray of Glen20 would be the solution. I had none so I ended up using disinfectant wipes over everything but I still felt gross when I got in the car. I would probably have waved smoking rosemary around and chanted a few stupid saying if I thought it would do the trick. Since the event I have bought some Glen20 (not that I plan on there being a next time) for when I need a cleansing spray. 

My other thoughts are to invest in some security cameras. My parents have them and they are fantastic. In the meantime I am currently extra, extra vigilant on the locking or doors, windows, cars, gates. 

Today’s look is a casual outfit that sighs with Sunday lazyness. Side note – I thought ponchos were just a pregnancy obsession but they are so nursing friendly!

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