The Tartan Scarf

Today’s pictures have me cracking up laughing. Oh how my world has changed!

Today’s pictures are a throwback to Winter last year. These pictures seem like a lifetime ago. I was rushing about on my weekend and had a quick catch up with my gorgeous sis FindingFemme as she had a stunning outfit she needed me to shoot. Its funny because I thought the shoot was excellent and her outfit was amazing however she decided she hated it and ended up not blogging it. However she decided last minute to turn the camera on me to shoot this outfit I was wearing and I did NOT think was blogworthy and here I am publishing them. Its funny what differences in opinion we have on what we think is worth blogging – but I guess we are always more critical of our own photographs.

Today it’s a hot autumn day and I have spent the afternoon resting on a picnic blanket with bubba under the trees in my front yard. It’s a relaxing escape for the chaos inside my house (piles of washing to be done and dishes in the sink!!).

We usually picnic at the botanical garden, but we picnic at home today as the gardens are closed for preparations for the Begonia Festival. It has become somewhat of an afternoon ritual on nice days to go for a walk and then lay on a rug in the gardens, reading, napping and then walking over to my grandfathers house for a visit.

I hope, like me, that you are all sapping up the last of the sunshine before the season changes!

Get The Look
Black & White Scarf: Supre
Long sleeve top: Portmans
Belt: Portmans
Black Maternity Jeans: H&M
Boots: Jo Mercer
Earrings: Chanel 
Sunglasses: Forever New
Black Crystal Bracelet: Purchased in Vietnam
Photos: FindingFemme

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