Finally a blog post - Baby News!

Finally a blog post!!

So, I guess I owe you all an update. I have had a beautiful baby boy!  I still have a huge backlog of unpublished maternity style posts for you and I will attempt to get through some of them.
Thanks to the numerous people whom I have run into down the street that have pestered me about doing some posts – here you are I have finally delivered! It’s also nice to know people out there were actually looking at my blog.

So, why the sudden absence? Although I had an awesome pregnancy, I was hit with an illness in my last month of pregnancy that led to a trip to emergency and a week in hospital followed by a few weeks of recovery. It was all a bit of a drama really, and understandably with what happened to my twin sister. My medical team and family were being very nervous and cautious.  I cannot be bothered with the whole story other than to say it was 4 weeks of my life that I hope to never ever, ever, experience again, never, ever, ever, ever!! 

All of this was happening while we were in the middle of a kitchen renovation (whose idea was that??). However I was lucky enough to have a patient baby who was happy to stay where he was until I had fully recovered ready to greet him, and some amazing (and good-looking ;) ) tradies who finished the kitchen in time!! 

So where are things at now? Well I have a 4 month old bubba (where the hell did that time go??) and he is the cutest little munchkin ever! Time seems to have flown so quickly it’s almost a blur. The first month was just a repeat of feeding, changing nappies, sleeping (no surprises there). Now we have settled into our day to day life, there is more time to sleep, eat and generally do stuff (like blog posts!)

Time has flown and we have been on so many adventures together already. We took some time away accompanying the Captain on a work trip, made use of our newly renovated kitchen by hosting Christmas Day at our house with breakfast, lunch and dinner (Yes, we managed 3 separate events on the one day!), we went away for summer holidays with the family (so many amazing memories), had some great reunions and catch ups with old friends who are home for the holiday season, as well as some more shorter trips away with just our new little family. I have also spent a lot of time working with my gorgeous sis, Finding Femme, on a huge number of projects and collaborations she has been involved in and lately I have been assisting my talented brother on a new and very exciting project he is working on too. Wow, it seems like a lot when I sit back and reflect.

I’m still getting used to my changing life. I have days when I have clean hair and stylish nursing-friendly outfits and everything is under control (because being a control freak and having children works well!!) and its almost as if my world has barely changed with the exception of my cute little sidekick. Then I have days when I feel like I have no idea what I am doing, I am still in my PJ’s at 4pm and I think to myself whose idea was it to have kids?  Lucky for me I have some great friends who I can call when I need to have my sanity check (and they are usually in their PJ’s too!).

I have learnt pretty quickly to let things go and not stress if tasks don’t get done (like publishing blog posts) and not to give a stuff what anybody else thinks.

Anyway I hope you have all had a great summer break and I cannot wait to share some new adventures with you this year (when I’m not sleeping or doing other more necessary things ;) ).

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