Winter Knits & Ned Kelly

I spent a weekend in gorgeous Bendigo recently, as I had a function I was attending in the evening and The Captain and I decided to stay overnight. I love Bendigo as it has so much going for it as a city. Aside from the pretty streetscapes and grand architecture it is also a thriving centre for arts and culture. A trip to Bendigo is never complete without a visit to the Bendigo Art Gallery.  There is always, and I mean always, a fantastic exhibition to see whenever you are there – and the permanent collection is always worth another look.

On this weekend the ‘Imagining Ned’ exhibition was open which allowed us the opportunity to see not only some great works of art inspired by his life (some of which were previously held in private collections) but also the iconic armour that he used to wear.

The exhibition was fantastic and I was surprised to see the armour in person as it made me realise that Ned Kelly would have been somewhat smaller in size than I had imagined. There was also something quite eerie about the armour when looking at it. If you have the chance to see some of the works including the armour (which was returned to the state library after the exhibition) I definitely recommend it.

Whilst we were in town I popped into the Myer (the original Myer store in Australia) and picked up this warm knit jumper.  I don’t usually wear thick knits as they are a little too bulky on me but I loved the gorgeous lace detail on the bottom. Bendigo weather if fairly mild so I didn’t really need to wear the jumper while I was there but saved it for casual weekends in Ballarat where the weather is a little cooler especially with the windchill.

On a side note – The Captain has recently criticized me for wearing the same jeans and shoes in the majority of my blog posts.  This did surprise me, particularly coming from a man who usually pays little attention to those kinds of things. To be honest I had not actually noticed as I have not done a significant amount of wardrobe planning. In fact FindingFemme usually snaps me on the weekends with whatever I have managed to throw on - which is usually my most casual wardrobe items rather than my work and weekday wardrobe.

Anyhow I feel no shame with wearing the same items – especially when I am pregnant as I consider denim to be a wardrobe basic and I don’t believe that I need multiple pairs to get me through pregnancy if I have the ability to mix up my looks. I think it takes more skill and shows a greater sense of styling ability if you can wear the same piece in a variety of ways. 

I do however have a backlog of posts that are a bit more fashion variety and I will endeavor to publish them when I can. FindingFemme takes nearly every opportunity to take some pics of me however I have not been so consistent with publishing them. I promise to be a little more consistent in the future – I cannot promise that you wont see these awesome jeans and boots in many more of my posts!!

Get The Look
Pink Knit: Miss Shop (Myer)
Maternity Jeans: H&M
Boots: Jo Mercer
Earrings: Lovisa
Bracelets: gift from a friend
Platinum & Diamond Fleur de lis Necklace: Tiffany & Co
Photos: FindingFemme

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