Sunset And A Scarf

I love a good scarf. They are like as warm comfy friend in the winter time. This gorgeous find has become my winter favourite. I purchased it a few weeks ago from Supre and have been wearing it constantly! I love colour and there is never a better time than winter to go for bright colours, it instantly lifts your mood and brightens your day, especially on the days when you don't even get to see the sky.

My outfit today is very simple - plain black top and jeans. The beauty of a scarf is that I could wear these same basic items over and over, but a different scarf and lipstick will change my look completely. This lipstick is a coral colour and goes well with the navy in the scarf.

Thanks to FindingFemme for some more great shots  - Yes, here we are back at the lake. It's our favourite location, not just for photo's but for sitting, relaxing and observing. Tonight its a mild evening, waiting on the sunset, by the boatsheds with a warm scarf and some takeaway coffees!

Stay warm folks..

Get The Look
Scarf: Supre
Long sleeve top: Portmans
Belt: Target
Maternity Jeans: H&M
Earrings: Lovisa
Boots: Jo Mercer
Photos: FindingFemme

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