A Winter of Boots

I love boots, especially long boots. If you live on the goldfields and your winter wardrobe does not include long winter boots then I must sadly inform you that you are DOING IT WRONG!!!

The best thing about living somewhere that has such distinct seasons is the fact that we have a real winter and the need for a proper winter wardrobe. Boots are an essential item to this! I recently spotted an advertisement for Sydney tourism, which pictured a model in a summer dress with spaghetti straps, standing on a sunny balcony. I cannot remember the exact slogan but it I was along the lines of ‘enjoy winter in Sydney’. Now don’t get me wrong – I love Sydney, I really do. But lets be honest here, winter is not a summer dress, nor a sun tan. 

Winter is the sharp cold air on your face as you take a brisk walk. Winter is the feeling of a warm wooly scarf and a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Winter is sitting next to an open fire, listening to the rain outside or laying on a warm sheepskin rug wearing pajamas and Ugg boots.

I don’t want to travel to enjoy a ‘summer’ winter. I want to travel to a warm summer. A trip that requires little summer dresses with spaghetti straps is not a winter trip – its an ‘escape winter’ trip! And yes, I too love to escape the winter. I admit I have somewhat of a babymoon planned for Hamilton Island in the coming weeks. What I don’t want to be told is, to go and enjoy a winter that is NOT a winter.

I love winter and I love real winter. Every year I make the mad dash to Daylesford, or Mt Buninyong on those days where it gets cold enough for snow to settle. Winter is amazing, and unique and worth celebrating.  Winter is waiting hopefully every year that it will snow here in town and on my house, not just on the country hill surrounds. And yes, winter is the need for gloves scarves, stocking and long leather boots.

These boots are one pair of many that I love. I picked these ones up a couple of years ago when I was stuck for 12 hours in Singapore airport. Our flight home from a trip to Cambodia had been delayed and worse yet – it was 12 hours stranded overnight – not during the day. However if there is ever an airport you want to be stuck in – let it be Singapore, as there is a reason it’s a multi award-winning airport. I had 12 overnight hours of shopping, dining, visiting a butterfly enclosure, participating in an art project and many other great activities. Luckily for me (but maybe not my wallet) I found an Aldo store that was still open and having a 40% off end of season sale. Ka-ching! Insert image of me leaving the store with many shopping bags (which I was then required to divide amongst my travel companions to take on our flight as hand luggage)! The icing on the cake to all of this was that Singapore was a number of seasons ahead of Melbourne fashion so it was nearly 12 months before the same shoes made a full price appearance in local stores! 

I have been wearing these for any kind of social function in the winter or even just to church. Today I was heading out with FindingFemme to a social engagement and we took some quick snaps before we went. I will note however that being pregnant requires boots that zip from top-to bottom. These ones do not zip to the top– so required the assistance of my gorgeous sister to actually get them on!!

Stay Warm!

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Pink Coat: Portmans
Long sleeve top: Portmans
Belt: Portmans
Black Maternity Jeans: H&M
Earrings: Lovisa
Boots: Aldo
Bag: Chanel 
Photos: FindingFemme

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